Millboard Decking


Millboard Decking

What is Millboard?

Millboard combines the natural beauty of real timber with the high performance of our unique wood-free material.

  • Millboard is wood free and non-porous, which no algae and excellent anti-slip properties.
  • The Unique Lastane® layer resists scratches and stain and is designed to withstand demanding outdoor environments.
  • The Dual-tone Lastane® surface is coloured by hand using pigments designed to resist fading and sun damage.
  • The structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength and durability.
  • Millboard is solid, not hollow, meaning it’s strong and won’t wrap or rot like wood.
  • Our Unique ‘cellular’ internal structure reduces weight while maintaining strength.

Where even the highest quality hardwood can wrap, fade and lose its original appeal over time, Millboard is crafted using sustainable composite designed for outdoor conditions. Made from Lastane®, the textured top surface creates a resilient, virtually maintenance-free layer, designed to resist algae and prevent slipping, even in wet conditions.

Beneath this durable top layer lies a wood free polymer resin core, reinforced with fibre for extra strength and durability. Millboard is solid rather than hollow, which means that it won’t expand or contract, warp or rot, like timber or composites made using wood. And because Millboard is made in Britain using innovative techniques, it’s officially more eco-friendly too.


Because we truly believe that British craftsmanship is the world’s finest, every Millboard is expertly designed and made by our team in Warwickshire, Britain.
The distinctive look of Millboard takes skill, impeccable attention to detail and patience to achieve.

The journey begins with real timber which we source from local area and carefully select by hand, paying particular attentions to the subtle nuances of the natural grain. These timbers are then used to create the moulds for Millboard, enabling us to replicate the natural character of the original wood in our unique composite material.

Now our team of craftsmen can get to work transforming the raw Millboard into the designs for our collections. To recreate the authentic look of hardwood, we carefully match the colour, using multiple tinted hues for depth and subtle variation, ageing and weathering. The beautiful, finished Millboard is just like the real thing, but made to last for years to come.