What makes Floorsndecks composite cladding unique?

Floorsndecks cladding is 100% wood-free, so it doesn’t need sealing to prevent moisture ingress. Using a unique fiber-glass reinforced resin-mineral composition, Floorsndecks achieves the finest quality of finish, balanced with usability and maximum durability.

This gives Floorsndecks composite cladding many of the unique benefits our decking products have, allowing it to outperform even nature itself, with no other cladding solution being anything like Floorsndecks – composite or otherwise. Read on to explore our two composite cladding ranges, Shadow Line and Board & Batten.

Envello Shadow Line

Envello Shadow Line+

Board & Batten Cladding

Composite Cladding in UAE

Composite wall cladding is the ideal answer for your home’s outside walls. It’s easy to introduce and simple to maintain, and it enhances your home’s vibe.

Composite wall cladding using a mix of materials. including wood, bamboo, and plastic, so it’s solid and tough. Additionally, it is weatherproof. ensuring that your walls will be safe from the elements.

WPC is generally utilized as a wall cladding material because it is a green item and is sturdier. WPC is a composite product made from plastic and wood. It can be used for both interior and exterior wall cladding , it is weather-resistant.

Composite Wall Cladding

Composite cladding is an excellent alternative to wood cladding. Composite cladding, made from recycled wood and plastic. combines the traditional appearance of timber with the strength of a composite. It is quick, dependable, and simple to use—no more cumbersome clips and screws! This eliminates the need for countersinking, resulting in a system. That is by far the most effective currently available.

It is an excellent alternative to traditional exterior cladding made of timber. And comes in various colours. The performance of composite wall cladding is excellent. Throughout the year and does not necessitate much upkeep. Our cladding sheets give 135mm inclusion once introduced on your outside wall.

Installation Guidance:

Composite cladding is profoundly strong because its external shell exemplifies the board. Giving assurance against scratches and blurring. It can also improve thermal conductivity and acoustic performance. shield exterior walls from the elements. And provide a long-lasting layer of protection.

Wood plastic composite with other materials. To create profiles for high-quality cladding on exterior walls. The composite cladding looks new and modern on any property or commercial building. And is ideal for use on outside walls.

Tools and Protective Equipment: You will need standard carpentry tools. like a tape measure, pencil, power drill or driver and a spirit level. Wear long sleeves, gloves, a dust mask, ear defenders, and safety glasses for protection.

Preparation: Pre-drill the battens and the surface below using a 6mm drill bit. Choose suitable fixings for the surface you are fixing into. Screws should be 5-6mm in diameter and at least 80mm long.

Installing Battens: Attach battens to the surface at a maximum distance of 500mm apart. ensuring they run the entire length of the clad area. Install additional battens at any point where two cladding boards will join end to end. Battens should be 50mm wide x 30mm high and fully supported.

Fitting Cladding Boards: Continue fitting the cladding boards by butting the ends up together. Install more battens if necessary, as each board needs to be supported on a batten where it meets the next board.

Securing Boards: Secure the boards using screws at least 30mm in length, ensuring each board is fastened securely on each batten. Do not over-tighten the screws.



An environmentally friendly wall cladding option by the combination of wood and plastic. Composite wood wall cladding keeps the original wood appearance and gets excellent durability. WPC wall cladding will look new for years. Because it is highly resistant to fading or discolouration.

floorsndecks treat every customer as our long-term partner. Right composite cladding to decorate your yard more beautifully. or make your WPC cladding projects more stable and attractive.

Cladding is done by installing a material on the exterior of the building. providing an aesthetic choice that will make all the difference to the finished structure.

Not only will it look pleasing to the eye, but the cladding will also add monetary value to the property.

There are a multitude of options available. which could include brick, metal, composite, stone, cement, or wood, to cover the structure not only in terms of colour but also in terms of texture.

Our traditional cladding keeps the original wood appearance and gets excellent durability. it will look new for years because it is highly resistant to fading or discoloration.

Composite cladding or wood-plastic cladding is durable because of the use of FSC certified wood fibre and recycled plastics.

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