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Moulded from real oak

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Highly slip-resistant

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Recycled materials

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Rot & split resistant

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Lost-head fixing

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Low maintenance

Decking & Cladding – the Millboard Way

Millboard is the finest wood-look composite decking and composite cladding, enhancing outdoor spaces with enduring distinction. Hand-moulded from the finest pieces of oak, it boasts refined timber grain that mimics natural timber but is engineered to offer an enhanced decking experience.

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UK made, UK backed

Designed and manufactured in the UK, with a UK backed warranty for complete peace of mind.

moulded real oak icon 2021 08 20 090533

Moulded from real oak

Hand-moulded using carefully selected timber for an organic, realistic wood-grain appearance.

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Slip-resistant Lastane® layer delivers a pliable surface, providing increased grip in the wet.

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Maximum durability

Fibre reinforced resin mineral core provides strength & durability whilst reducing weight.

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Recycled materials and renewable biopolymers are used within our

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'Lost head' fixing

Durafix® fixings are virtually hidden under the uniqu4 Lastane®

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UV & Weathering stability

Dual-tone Lastane® surface brings rich tonal depth & shade variation, that resists the elements.

Thanks to its unique polymer resin construction, our composite decking and cladding does not deteriorate like natural wood and cannot be matched in durability or realism by other composite decking or cladding brands.

The unique Lastane surface provides our cladding with exceptional weather-resistance, and our decking boards superb slip-resistance, even when wet. Every board is produced using recycled minerals whilst containing no natural timber.

Why Millboard

Enduring beauty, from a family-run business committed

to British craftsmanship and visual distinction.

Millboard combines the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of polyurethane, a material widely recognized for its strength. Polyurethane is used in many industries where durability and strength is required, eliminating the inevitable rotting, warping and deterioration of natural wood. Millboard maintains a functional and highly attractive deck for years to come.
“Millboard decking provided an ideal surface for what the clients required. It looks superb.”
Project Coordinator, Decking on Steel


The unique Lastane layer resists scratches and stains and is designed to withstand more demanding outdoor environments than timber can.


Our unique. closed ‘cellular’ internal structure reduces weight while maintaining strength.


The dual-tone Lastane surface is hand tinted using pigments designed to replicate the look of natural timber


The structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength.


Millboard is wood-free and non-porous, which means high resistance to algae growth and excellent anti-slip properties.


Millboard decking is solid, not hollow. This makes it strong and means it won’t warp, rot or harbour insects and pests like timber would.

Remarkable craftsmanship

From the initial laying of the unique Lastane surface, right through the pouring of fiber-reinforced resin-mineral filler, we focus on achieving an excellent quality of finish. Our respect for accuracy permeates every square millimetre, with tried and tested processes that help our master craftsmen to deliver an authentic wood look finish.

Rigorously Tested

Each length of Millboard is the result of a long process of craftmanship and attention to detail. From the initial layering of the unique Lastane surface, right through the pouring of fiber-reinforced resin-mineral filler, we focus on achieving the finest quality of finish. Our respect for accuracy permeates every square millimetre and this is why many of our processes are carried out manually. For example, each piece is hand-coloured by master craftsmen to establish authentic wood finish. We have great respect for the skilled eye of an artist and are therefore committed to the hand-colouring system. The resulting true-to-life shades speak for themselves.

Enhanced Grain

Enhanced Grain SB

Weathered Oak


Composite Cladding

Edging & Fascia

Millboard decking is famend for its specific traits that set it aside from conventional wood and composite decking options. Right here are the key features of Millboard decking:

1. Durability

  • Proof against Weathering: Millboard decking is highly immune to UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, which helps preserve its look and structural integrity through the years.
  • Impact Resistance: it is designed to face up to heavy affects with out cracking or splintering.

2. Low renovation

  • No need for Staining or Sealing: in contrast to wooden, Millboard decking does no longer require everyday staining, sealing, or painting to maintain it looking right.
  • Easy to easy: simple cleansing with cleaning soap and water is normally sufficient to maintain the deck searching new.

3. Aesthetic enchantment

  • Natural timber look: Millboard decking features a hand-molded floor that replicates the natural appearance and feel of real wooden. The unique surface textures and hues provide an real wooden appearance.
  • Kind of styles and shades: to be had in a variety of hues and finishes to in shape exclusive design preferences.

4. Non-Slip floor

  • Better protection: The textured surface gives extremely good slip resistance, making it a secure option for regions which can be liable to getting moist, which include round swimming pools or in wet climates.

5. Environmentally friendly

  • Recycled materials: Millboard decking is crafted from a mixture of natural minerals bonded with a polymer resin, which often consists of recycled materials.
  • Sustainable Practices: the manufacturing system emphasizes sustainability and minimizes environmental impact.

6. Insect and rot Resistance

  • Inherent Resistance: The fabric is impervious to insect harm and does no longer rot or decay, not like herbal timber.

7. Lightweight and smooth to put in

  • Ease of dealing with: Millboard decking is light-weight compared to traditional wood and some composite alternatives, making it easier to handle and deploy.
  • Bendy installation options: may be set up the use of conventional or hidden fastenings, and can be reduce and formed with popular woodworking tools.

8. Stability

  • Minimum enlargement and Contraction: The strong composite fabric minimizes the enlargement and contraction normally related to natural wooden, lowering the hazard of warping or splitting.

9. Toughness

  • Extended Lifespan: Designed to last appreciably longer than conventional wooden decking, providing long-term price financial savings no matter the higher initial investment.

10. Innovative middle generation

  • Lastane® floor Layer: Millboard decking functions a Lastane® layer, which offers additional sturdiness and a comfortable underfoot feel.
  • Resilient core: The core cloth gives additional power and helps the decking withstand heavy use without compromising on comfort.
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