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Crafting nature into beautiful structures

With robust technology and production processes, Floors n Decks confidently distributes and installs its wood flooring products worldwide, even in extreme climates. Our handcrafted, pre-finished engineered hardwood timber flooring is built with a cross-laminated construction of hardwood and produced under strict conditions, allowing for installation using a Floating, Glued-Down, or Nailed-Down System. Our complete wood flooring solutions cater to both residential and commercial needs, providing long-lasting durability that matches your design preferences.

Hevea Brasiliensis is a plantation hardwood timber that shares the same high density and strength as White Oak which is native to the US. It is, therefore, an excellent, environmentally sound substitute for Oak and other slow-growing hardwood species. We use Hevea Brasiliensis to create the core of our Engineered Parquet Flooring because it provides greater dimensional stability and can withstand external pressure (such as temperature, moisture and air) to change. This ensures that the all-important core in our multi-layer engineered floors is stronger and more reliable than other species which are found in cheaper products.

Hevea Brasiliensis Plantation

Hevea Brasiliensis Plantation

Hevea Core

Hevea Core – Provides strength & durability

Core Structure

Intelligent engineering within the Hevea core means that, once installed, our flooring will sense and acclimatise to its surrounding environment to create the perfect fit.
The scientifically formulated Hevea core ensures our floors can withstand external pressure to change. Our floors are less likely than traditional timber flooring to expand, contract or move when exposed to moisture, humidity or temperature extremes.
Incorporating a Hevea core enables us to provide the dimensional stability needed to make the beautiful 400mm wide planks favoured by interior designers and homeowners worldwide.
No unpleasant surprises! Our wood is treated with a natural mineral pesticide to eliminate fungi and borer pests and is safe for family and pets.

Top Coat

Our finishes include a large range of colours and stains which are protected with premium top coats of either 7 layers of scratch resistant UV urethane or 3 layers of UV oil.

Hardwood Surface

From Oak to Ash, Maple to Walnut to Wenge – we have a huge range of sustainably-sourced, stunning hardwoods to choose from.
We only produce premium quality products and, unlike other flooring suppliers, we do not use veneers.
Our wide range of beautiful hardwoods is available in surface thicknesses of either 3.2mm or 6mm.
Our hand-crafted surface treatments and textures combine artisanal detail with the latest technology to create a floor that is unique to your space.

Core Layer

At the heart of every floor is our specially formulated pattern of Hevea hardwood which gives our flooring its core strength and stability.

Foundation Layer

The final timber foundation gives additional stability and durability to the floor.
Length   1820mm + 5mm 1820mm, 2130mm, 2450mm +5mm 2450mm + 5mm 3000mm + 5mm
Width EN 13489 145mm + 0.2mm 190mm + 0.2mm 240mm + 0.2mm 290mm + 0.2mm 350mm + 0.2mm 400mm + 0.2mm
Total thickness   14.2mm, 22mm + 0.2mm 22mm ± 0.2mm
Top layer   3.2mm, 6.02mm ± 0.2mm 6.02mm ± 0.2mm
Squareness EN 13489 ≤0.2% Over the width
Cup EN 13489 ≤0.2% Over the width
Spring EN 13489 <0.1% Over the length
Lipping EN 13489 ≤0.2mm
Moisture Content EN 13183-1 7% ± 2% (at the time of delivery)
Adhesive EN 717-1 JAPAN F✩✩✩✩- EO
Finishing BONA 6 Coats of abrasion resistance ≥ 5000 revolutions ASTM D 4060-CS17
  KLUMPP 7 Coats of abrasion resistance ≥ 6000 revolutions ASTM D 4060-CS17
  KLUMPP EMO 3 Coats
Gloss Value ISO 2813, 60° angle BONA NATURALE-4% ± 2%, KLUMPP LACQUER-8%, 45% or 65% gloss level ± 5%
Formaldehyde Emission EN 717-1 NO ADDED FORMALDEHYDE
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